Bofinger BBQ Smokehouse
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Dig in, its Bofinger time!

As you enter the house of Bofinger, you will be hit with the smell of BBQ smoked meat, one that will lead you to the counter where our BO staff will look after you.

STEP 1. Pick your naturally smoked meat dish.
STEP 2. Select your homemade sauce.
STEP 3. Pick your fresh side dishes.
STEP 4. Then take a seat and wait for your name to be called.


WESTERN KENTUCKY This sauce is a mop sauce; its purpose is to moisten the meat. It is water based with Worcestershire. (Contains flour)

MEMPHIS MAGIC A sauce that has a true tomato base with vinegar,giving it a TANGY KICK.

ATOMIC ALABAMA As the name states, this sauce explodes in flavor and spice Made with cayenne and chili peppers, this is the spiciest of the sauces.

TEXAS Bofingers most popular sauce. One that is great on anything. This sauce is mild but still has a kick.

SOUTH CAROLINA This Honey Dijon sauce is able to cut the kick of the dry rub on our meats. Suits those clients who are after sweet and sour.